The Social Media Marketing transcends to Visuals

Visuals are a manifestation of the widespread imagination, isn’t it? It’s really intriguing to know how various visuals impact our mind subliminally. The amount of engagement that any form of visuals establish is astounding enough to leave far behind the encounter created by scripted marketing techniques.

A recent survey has brought to notice that there are more than 2.5 million active social media users of which, more than 50% constitute the mobile users. This brings about an enlightening about the social media that influence the masses largely. What is it that has recently made you stop notice and then scroll down? GIFs, Memes, Boomerang, live videos, carousels? Aren’t they enticing enough to keep you engrossed?

Here are some quick sneak-peaks into the visual labyrinth that has changed the nuances of digital marketing at large.


From uploading snaps with cute puppy-filters to publishing promotional activities, Snapchat and similar platforms have evolved as a novel yet engaging marketing platforms. It’s astounding to realize how digital marketing matures with each passing day. The campaigns that run here play a vital role to create a point of curiosity for the brands for people to go back view the page.


Have you ever wondered what are these image like thing scribbled with info? They are the contemporary techniques of brand communication that are designed to reach the masses. They are InfoGraphics. All the social media handles irrespective of the industry or brand size or genre are crammed with these throughout. A survey says that on account of the advent of these InfoGraphics based marketing the brands have encountered an upgraded conversion rate.


Isn’t your phone gallery now flooded with more GIFs than images? Certainly yes! They showed up as a fad but they are definitely here to stay and not wither off. GIFs are the shortest form of animated communication that a brand replicates to reach out to their TG by utilizing their social media handles. They have spawned a swirl in the digital marketing industry in a big way.


Even though Live Videos are in the inception stage they are a sturdy hinge for tomorrow. Reliability and trust form the backbone of any brand and hence leverage its existence. Era where advertisements are morphed with video tampers, multiple retakes and custom animated edits it has become increasingly crucial to retain the customer belief. Live Videos would create one such revolution with live demonstration of the benefits of product attributes backed with authenticity.

Social Media trends are altering and altering really fast, it’s crucial to incorporate all of these and yet be the morning star. Relying just on the fundamentals can soon invite a doomsday, hence having a virtuoso to maneuver the social media tactics stands pivotal.