How to be Google’s Mr. Right? – Different Game, Same Rules!

Creating and nurturing a relationship with Google is astonishingly and coincidentally identical to doing the same with your girlfriend, just that at times it is even tougher. Well, it is never going to be easy to win the love of your significant other, and likewise, Google too is quite demanding and needs to be pampered. Google is like your typical girlfriend – it wants you to please her parents (in this case, Google’s readers) first before she falls for you and says yes to your proposal.

So how do you tickle Google and its readers? How do you crawl your way up on the all-important rankings list? Here are a few game-changing tips that’ll make your relationship with Google flourishing, and thereby, rewarding!

1. Let your personality speak for you – If Google is your love, then content is the chocolate that your girlfriend loves! Yes, Google simply loves informative and interesting content.In a personal relationship, rather than bragging about how good you are, your girl will be more impressed if you let your personality do the talk. Want to impress Google? You’ll have to use influential content that’d eventually win the heart of your beloved.

2. Watch out for the other guys – Your competitors wouldn’t exist if they aren’t doing something right. Just as you’d keep a close eye on the other guys around your crush, you’ll have to try and track competitor’s strategies, try to ascertain what is working for them, and create content that can deflate the advantage that they hold over you. And! Don’t copy the content – you’ll be found nowhere on Google if your content is copied!

3. Sharing is caring – It is more likely that your date will resonate better with you if someone else has already vouched for you. The same logic holds true for search engine optimization too. Google will like you more if your content has been shared and viewed by others. It is very important to integrate social media with your content so that it can become easily shareable.

4. Choose your words right – Be sure of the words you use in a relationship, there’s a chance that the wrong choice of words can simply ruin all your previous efforts! Similarly, choosing the right keywords is pivotal if you want to get to the top of the search results. Crafting web content that moves around the keywords makes Google list your website better.

Businesses need Google’s love in today’s digital age. Without Google, you’re quite incomplete and incapable of competing in the digital world. And making Google fall for you is the big challenge for all digital marketers today.

One thing is for sure – Google’s love cannot be bought, it has to be earned – organically, originally and outstandingly. It will take time, but once you get there, trust us, it will be the best thing that could ever happen to your business!